About Cultural Triangle

Once known as the King’s Land, or Rajarata, the Cultural Triangle extends across Anuradhapura to the north, Polonnaruwa to the east and Kandy to the south-west, and encompasses everything in-between. The area is a treasure trove of ruins, rocky outcrops and wildlife, housing one of the world’s most extraordinary collections of Buddhist art and architecture. Much of the region’s history is contained in the remains of the ancient cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, whilst the cave temples of Dambulla and its buddha statues give a different perspective. The iconic Sigiriya Rock also falls within the triangle. It was once a palace fortress for one of the ancient Sinhalese kings, and the remains are are absolutely spectacular.

Kandy is the geographical, cultural and religious heart of Sri Lanka and the last stronghold of the Sinhalese Kings, falling to the British in 1815. This relatively sleepy town is built around a peaceful lake and is surrounded by lush green hills, providing a fantastic base from which to explore the Hill Country to the south as well as the ancient cities to the north. While in town, be sure to visit The Dalada Maligawa (aka Temple of the Tooth) which houses Sri Lanka’s most important religious relic - the sacred tooth of Buddha.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Sri Lanka's Cultural Triangle is in the dry months from December - March.