About New South Wales

Whether you are looking for a lazy beach holiday, an outback adventure, or a foodie escape, New South Wales has it all.

Outside of Sydney, Byron Bay is perhaps the jewel of the state. Once a relatively simple spot, whose incredible surf attracted surfers and hippies in droves, the town has boomed in recent years, becoming one of Australia’s most expensive property markets, and a hub for well-off global nomads to base themselves out of, attracted by the stunning beaches, fantastic boutiques and restaurants, vibrant art scene and healthy lifestyle.

Picturesque Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s top grape-growing regions and is an easy drive from the capital. The Blue Mountains is also a brilliant destination. Named for the blue haze created by the eucalyptus trees that adorn the slopes of these mystical mountains, the area is filled with magnificent gorges, waterfalls and rock formations. It’s a hikers paradise, but there is so much more to see and do here, such as horse riding, canyoning and cycling in the summer, and skiing in the winter months.

World Heritage-listed Lord Howe Island is a lush natural paradise, located in the Tasman Sea, just under two hours by plane from both Sydney and Melbourne. The island is tiny - just 11 kilometres long and 2.8 kilometres at it’s widest, but it’s jammed packed with incredible wildlife, lush mountains and stunning beaches. The product of a volcanic eruption seven million yers ago, Lord Howe Island became a haven for plants and seabirds. As such, rare flora and fauna abound on the island and 64 unique species of flowering plants and more than 130 bird species can be found here, such as the endangered flightless woodhen. Incredibly, a maximum of only 400 visitors are allowed on the island at any one time, and there are only 382 permanent residents, so this really is the ultimate retreat from reality. The pace of life on the island is slow, people travel on bikes everywhere, or on foot to take advantage of the many fantastic hikes on offer here. Other attractions on the island include the beautiful 18 hole golf course, scuba diving, snorkelling and fishing.