About Switzerland

The landlocked, neutral nation of Switzerland is bordered by France, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein and Germany, and their customs and languages very much contribute to Switzerland’s multicultural identity. It’s a small country, with only 8.5 million inhabitants - but its accomplishments are far from diminutive. From its revered watch brands and private banks, to the world’s most efficient train network, and of course the infamous cheese and chocolate that we all love so much - Switzerland should rightfully be brimming with pride at its achievements. Perhaps the country’s most iconic feature however is its breathtaking mountains. From the rolling hills of the Jura to the staggering peaks of the Matterhorn and Eiger, tourists flock to Switzerland every summer and winter to hike, climb, cycle or ski their beautiful slopes.

Best Time to Visit

June-October (hiking)
Mid-December-April (skiing)
Anytime (cultural)


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